Welcome to the Class

Welcome to the Class

Welcome to the exciting world of Smart Contracts and Decentralized Finance. This is a Master-level class at the University of Basel. It's completely open access and open source.

The Github Repo can be found here. The videos are also on our YouTube channel. Subscriptions are much appreciated. For a guided learning experience with additional information, downloads and end-of-chapter exercises, we recommend following the course on this platform (also open access and free of charge).

You are in good company! There are several thousand people from all around the world enrolled on in our Blockchain classes. This is more than we have ever expected. Thank you! Most importantly, we'd like to thank the University of Basel students for being part of this great project and bearing with us in a rather unusual and sometimes experimental lecture setup.

Stay curious, see you soon!

The CryptoLectures Team


Fabian Schär - @fschaer

Matthias Nadler - @mat_nadler

Katrin Schuler - @katacrypt

Mitchell Goldberg - @golmit_crypto

Tobias Bitterli - @tobias_bitterli

Dario Thürkauf - @dario_thuerkauf

Pirmin Özdemir - @Pirmin0e

Jonas Ruchti - @jonas_ruchti

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